Who can achieve the short term cost benefits by installing a Solar Power Plant ?

Solar Power is beneficial for anyone & everyone, if you have a landmark which receives plenty of sunlight & area available is shadow free, Solar PV system can be installed on it .
Solar Power system is apt for small consumers, residential, institutional, commercial.

The best benefits for  solar power kick in for High end Consumers who fall under the Unit prices starting at

INR 8 / KWh and slabs going all the way up to INR 13 /unit .

These high power consumers , mostly commercial or institutional require uninterrupted power supply & usually deploy Diesel Generator systems , a DG costs more than a Solar System as an initial investment , along side the operational running cost of the DG is higher as compared to the Solar Power .

Acc. to our market research , generation of a unit for a DG set cost aboout INR 15/unit , due to Constant Input of  Fuel cost , maintenance & system life due to moving parts.
here the cost for Solar Power Generation is INR 5-6/unit.

Those opting for Green Building Certifications , should opt for a Hybrid Solar Power plant with Backup in form of Batteries & a DG set .

Save Money With Solar
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Save Money With Solar