What kind of roof is good to install solar panels?

For a Rooftop SPV plant , a flat or south facing roof is required. The type of your roof and its load bearing capacity can affect the size of solar system which can be installed and the type of mounting structures needed.
Concrete roof and Metal roof can accommodate panels directly or with some special structures but in case of asbestos roof, it is very critical to check the load bearing capacity and mounting feasibility.

For layman terms, It is most important to have a rooftop available with lowest shading throughout the day, as neighboring buildings,trees etc casting a shadow on the Roof might hinder you to Install the maximum capacity Power Plant on it .
But now with Micro-inverters , Roof with Shaded area can also be utilized to mount a Solar Array & thus reap benefits .
Micro-inverters are a bit expensive than the normal string inverters, as for each panel a separate micro inverter needs to be installed .
We will learn more about micro inverters in our blog .

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Save Money With Solar