What are the warranties on the system?

Solar Panel:

10 year manufacturing defect warranty by manufacturer.
25 year performance warranty.
Less than 1% annual degradation in line with international standards.
MNRE and International Standards Certified.


5 year warranty by manufacturer.
MNRE and International Standards Certified.

Mounting Structure:

80-micron Galvanized Iron or Aluminum. Designed for 150kmph wind speeds and more than 10 years of structural integrity.

Free 2 year maintenance is included with all SolarOcta systems:

Free data for SolarOcta monitoring device, with information displayed .
Contact SolarOcta Support directly from the portal.
Alerts and notifications about system maintenance on the app.

Onsite troubleshooting.

Replacement of any part of the system, caused by design or structural.
Excluded: Routine washing and cleaning of panels is to be done by the customer.
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