What are the available subsidies?

The Central and many state governments have announced tax benefits and subsidies to promote solar energy.

Currently, consumer could be eligible upto 30% subsidy from central government. Approval of subsidy comes with mandate of using MNRE approved Indian and/or value segment panel and inverters with limited quality options. In addition, subsidy approval and disbursement process is opaque, frictionful and requires extensive paper work.

Most of our customer have been unable to get the subsidy. At the current low prices, the subsidy only compromises the long term system quality and the customer ownership experience.

Residential end consumers: In an effort to help our customer with highest and varied quality options, timely and transparent solar buying experience, we are unable to support subsidy.

Commercial consumers:Subsidy is not applicable.
Accelerated Depreciation (AD) related tax benefits are applicable and we will be happy assist with the processes.

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