How many solar panels do I need to run my home, office or industry ?

For a home or office with a connection of 15KW – it is not viable to install 15KW solar system because no one utilizes 100% power all day. Only the main requirements which run continuously can be shifted to solar like the TV, Computer, AC, Refrigerator, Accessories etc. Therefore, customers with a power supply of 15KW from the Grid, should ideally go for a 5 to 10 KW solar panel installation. This rule also applies for industries who are looking for Solar Energy system for Power solutions.

Acc. to MNRE & Government of India , 70% of the sanctioned Load connection can be applied for Solar Grid Tie Power Plant , Meaning if you have a 10 KW connection from the Utility power Supply aka DISCOM , You are eligible for Connecting a 7 KWp Rooftop Solar Power Plant to the Net metering Connection with your DISCOM .

This being said ,

It doesn’t mean you cannot Install more of Rooftop Solar Power ,
if you have the area availability , you are eligible to install as much Solar Power Plant capacity as you want , Conditions being , you will have to consume the Power generated on site , as captive load , and are only allowed to Feed in a Particular number of units per year into the Utility supply by DISCOM  , also the DISCOM will Reduce your Feed-in-tariff for the Same .
But ,
Hey , if you have a large empty roof, install the maximum capacity of Solar Power Plant, & share some Solar power with your neighbours , They will surely pay you for your Solar Power , because Solar Power is Cheap , Clean , Green & Renewable .
We have seen this taking place, & neighbours installing Rooftop Solar Power plants , resulting in a Neighborhood Solar Grid .

Your neighbours will think you did it to save the environment but you know you did it to save Money !

Save Money With Solar
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Save Money With Solar