How is net metering done? Does SolarOcta help with this?

In order to get a net metering connection, the local utility company has to review & approve the solar project.

Once that the project is approved, Utility provides an updated bi-directional meter which is to be connected with your LT panel where Rooftop Solar Power is connected to the house load connection alongside the utility connection. This new meter is able to calculate net metering, measuring the electricity flowing from both the Rooftop solar system & electricity utility grid into the your establishment.
If you have excess power being generated by the Solar Rooftop Plant , which is not being utilized by house loads , the power is sent to the grid & your bi-directional meter spins in the opposite direction , displaying units feed-into the grid.

The time required for obtaining utility permissions is ever-evolving, & varies across states and regions:

1. In Haryana and Delhi, the utility permission phase is completed in 2-4 weeks.
2. In Uttar Pradesh , it typically ranges from 4-7 weeks.
Basically in Delhi NCR , with various DISCOM’s & Supply channels into place , this process could take anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks.
as it depends on the utility company & the city.

SolarOcta helps customer through the application and review process with the local utility company,
till the new bi-directional meter is installed.

Cost of this Bi-directional Meter & Utility Application Fee is Borne by the Consumer , as DISCOM’s only allow these meter’s to be Sold to the End Consumer.

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