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We are a Team of Dedicated professionals , pioneering New innovation in Sectors of Sustainability Development with our Focus on Green Technology and Specialization in Clean Tech ,We are catering our Services for management in Urban Cities and Rural Development .Our Clientele consists of Malls , Factories , Industrial area’s , Hospitals , Institutions , Schools , Offices , FarmHouse , Residential apartments and Townships , NGO’s , MSME , Manufacturing facilities, Homes , community buildings , Public properties .

Our work Directly contributes in Securing Electricity ,Food & Water while “Lowering your Carbon Footprints and carbon emissions” alongside “Reducing your Bills & Wastes” , thus “improving your Habitat”We follow international Standards & best practices , customized for our clients , Providing with Feasible Solutions , which are Designed taking into account the possibility to Integrate new Clean Technologies in Future for Even better sustainable development.Transition to sustainability , in steps , starting with Our Trademarked “Sustainable Rooftop Canopy”Thus We Take PRIDE in Calling Ourselves “India’s First Sustainability Integrators”

With our speciality in Rooftop Solar Power plants ,We offer End-to-End Services for Our clients , site analysis , Design & engineering , Procurement &construction and After Sales Operation & maintenance .We select the best from a Range of Installers and Financiers for implementing your Rooftop SPV power Plants. SolarOcta helps in ensuring Best Quality Installation via hassle free construction management and material procurement , leaving you with highest customer Satisfaction.

If you are a Solar Power Plant Installer , searching for Leads to follow up , we would be happy to work with you on Solar power Projects , providing you with engineering and procurement of high quality Components.following our quality standards in Construction & O&M services to our mutual clients .

We provide expert services in Areas of Urban Agriculture ,deploying our solutions. For Residential/Community & commercial Scales.  Our Urban Farms , with Integration of Technologies like Hydroponics , Aquaponics & Aeroponics are deployed for Vertical & horizontal Farming in Soilless mediums ,Food grown at the site of consumption is pesticide free , uses less water , provides highest quality yield that tastes great & has lowest carbon footprint .Alongside these modern techniques We firmly believe in Soil based Gardening which can be practiced by anyone for Food production and Green belts ,thus we offer Landscaping Solutions , which are customized according to the landmark ,utilizing array of plants for fruits, horticulture and Air Purification ,ensuring Clean surroundings.Passive Cooling of Landmarks with landscaping practices is an added benefit.

Offering IOT enabled 24*7 monitoring solutions to keep track of your Plant crops and Air quality.With Help of Our Industry Tie Ups in Urban Agriculture , We Ensure your Food is grown and sourced locally .We have partnered with various Startups in this sector to Reach our common Goals to make
“Clean , Fresh , healthy produce” accessible , while lowering its carbon footprints involved in growth, transportation,consumption and Waste.We Empower The Urban Agriculture community by making it Fun and Easy to grow your own Food, on your own property.

We, at Solar Octa understand the growing need of water and how vital it is to maintain the urban sustainable infrastructure for the betterment of life. Our Rain Water Harvesting solution is designed to enable a better quality of life while upholding the social economic aspects of ecosystem .We offer customized water management solutions to sync-in and control the run-off water, which is our most precious natural resource that we cannot afford to lose in order to transform urban lifestyle into a sustainable living.The various applications of Rainwater Harvesting in the field of water management technologies are the reason we work towards water capturing capacity for recharge, recycle and re-use. We utilize this practice to ensure Water Security of landmarks for Potable and urban agriculture purposes throughout the year. We are constantly gaining insights and working towards adapting Technologies to ensure treatment of Wastewater from Industrial processes .

We provide Solutions with Anaerobic Bio digester and aerobic Composting systems for management of biodegradable waste generated in your home, building, landmark & Sectors.Converting the Kitchen Waste into biogas and a potent, natural liquid fertilizer , by inputting the household kitchen waste in the system on a daily basis, you will be able to develop and grow your urban garden , improving your energy security , allowing at site waste disposal ,Reducing your Carbon Footprints (no logistics for waste management) Transforming your Kitchen waste into a resource will provide you with a quality of Sustainable life , with direct impacts on Global warming due to Reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions ,Reduction of sanitary risks , Savings in fossil fuels purchases .Savings in chemical fertilizers purchases , byproduct is a highly concentrated Liquid compost Tea , used as Natural Growth booster for Agriculture .Biodegradable waste management enables Transformation of methane gas and CO2 in Fuel source for Cooking / Gas power for Generators. (existing Diesel-gen sets would be converted to run on Biogas) ,We are currently exploring the possibilities to utilize these methods to replace LPG/CNG based Vehicle fuels .

SolarOcta Energy is working in the direction to cater to the skilled manpower requirement of the emerging Clean Technology sector. We operate with a mission of excellence in Sustainability Development by blending latest technologies with human resource to create a skilled force to cater the demand of Sustainability industry. We train corporates and students on leading-edge Green technologies and facilitate early adoption by bringing them up to speed. Our training bridges the gaps in education and prepares you to deal with on-ground challenges .
Our courses and training workshops are based on the curriculum set by Skill Council for Green Jobs  Currently We offer Training workshops only on Solar Power , we are working towards Agriculture and Waste management workshops with help from International Industry leaders in Sustainability Development.

SolarOcta was established with R&D and direct consumer in mind.With experience of over 1 year and more than 1,000 Customers in India ,We are now growing our team from Solar Product Development to Sustainability Development ,And now offer – “product design consultancy” for the same .Research and Development is The core vision for Our company ,
We invite businesses and people oriented towards the same goals to be a part of our efforts in R&D , to bring new innovations in Clean Technology .With our Partnerships with leading Firms , We are working Towards commercializing Sustainability products and utility services for Indian Market .

Our unique Solutions in terms of Engineering Design and Financial Modelling helps you attain higher margins and better Energy output.Our unique Solutions in terms of Engineering Design and Financial Modelling helps you attain higher margins and better Energy output. We provide you –

1.Advice on Sector policy.

2.Least cost planning.

3.Regulatory framework.

4.Coordination during the installation process Coordination during the installation process.

5. Shortlisting the best-suited installer/financier.

We ensure that your plant is impeccably maintained and efficiently managed to operate at highest level of power generation. We deploy state-of-the-art, real-time monitoring systems that help with preventive maintenance to rule out potential threats before they impact production. Our quick response team keeps a watchful eye and is ready to take rapid action to prevent downtime.

We offer Consultancy for Green building or sustainable building from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.We are a young organization With our Vision to Make India Energy Surplus nation , We are working Towards Zero Energy Buildings .Driven by goals and engineering efficiencies , We seek out people with expertise in different industries , architects , builders , interior designers , civil engineers , Planners , Business Admins , marketing and PR to work on your Green building Designs and consult you with the best proven methods to achieve your Rating targets , feasibly and efficiently.

You will be working as independent contractors with SolarOcta Energy Services on its projects in your Regional areas .Write to us at partner@solarocta.com with details about your proposition and prior experience in the industry and your desired areas of operation.

Please note that this is not for professionals seeking full time employment but for professionals who are running businesses in Green and Clean Technology related sectors.

Our Features

Electric Power

With growing Electricity consumption ,Solar Power is the way to go for Electric future, involving Electric Vehicles .

Consumer Centric

We believe in Delivering an experience ,taking you aboard with sustainable lifestyle.


Healthy population drives a wealthy economy ,with our efforts to make available to everyone clean drinking Water , Pesticide free fresh vegetable and fruit produce , ensuring healthy communities meaning lesser diseases and better economy zones .

Waste Management

Cities generate various types of waste , Our focus lies in better Management of waste via Principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.Catering to sectors of Bio-Degradable / Plastic / metal & e-waste.


Principles to only Market all good things for Environment conservation , climate change and global warming .


In Support for “Make in India” ,we prefer locally sourced Components and products which are “Made in India”.Working towards empowering the MSME sector ,in manufacturing of products and Services.

Curating Sustainable Development

We At SolarOcta Are a Team Of Sustainability enthusiasts , who are Creative and Bold to make use of engineering knowledge and contribute in conserving the Planet Earth from Climate Change .

We are visionaries to pioneer the way for Markets to Adopt Technology , for lowering the carbon footprints associated with conventional methods of Doing Business in various Industry sectors.


We understand our customers , Partners and ways of doing business , while designing Best in class Experience for Everyone involved with our Brand of SolarOcta .

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