• Solar Site Survey & Inspection

    Engineer Visit & Solar Site Survey in Delhi-NCR/Solar Consultancy.

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    A service to get your home/Institution/Factory/Office/Shop/ Landmark surveyed for Rooftop Solar Potential assessment & Feasibility Analysis.

    To install solar at your home or office, or have a question about your existing system, our specialists are ready to hear from you!  Enter your contact information at the checkout page to reserve a time for a  consultation and/or pick a date for a site evaluation.  You can just call us too.

    1,000.00 excl. Tax
  • Novel CoronaVirus Protective Equipments – COVID 19 Test kit & PPE

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    SOS PPEs

    As a Company oriented towards UN Sustainability Development Goals, Healthcare is 1 of the 17.
    our recent history of working as a UN vendor for various SDG 2030 goals, we are now providing all the essential Protective equipment for medical healthcare personnel to help combat the Novel Corona Virus.
    Reach out to us for COVID 19 test kits and other disposable protective equipment.

    Help us help you in these critical times of a Global Pandemic.
    Stay indoors and practice good Hygiene.

  • Solar LED String Lights 10/20 meter – Waterproof LED String Lights for decoration.

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    • 18 Months Warranty
    • IP65 Waterproof
    • High Quality Solar Panel and Lights
    • Great Battery Backup
    • String lights 
    • This is our First Innovation , and a Successful Trend setting product by SolarOcta . 
    1,099.001,499.00 excl. Tax
  • Zero Waste Travel KIT – SOSK1

    0 out of 5

    5 things in one Jute Bag !

    Food grade Bamboo Cutlery

    1 fork – 18.5cm/7.3inches

    1 spoon – 19cm/7.5inches

    1 knife – 19cm/7.5inches

    1 Toothbrush -charcoal activated bristles – 17.5cm/6.9inches

    1 Stainless Steel Straw – 21.5cm/8.5inches/0.5mm inner diameter

    This is our First Sustainability Starter Kit for Indian Consumers.

    Reduce/Refuse/recycle/Reuse !


    1,000.00 599.00 excl. Tax
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