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  • Reduce your Plastic Footprint for a stepping stone!


Don’t we all want the Earth to be a better place to live in?

We all complaint but are we doing something about it?

We are starting with swapping to more sustainable products used daily by over 90% of the Population in India.

 SOLAROCTA presents a cool, carry in your bag kit of 7 things replacing plastic with Eco-friendly and efficient alternatives like bamboo cutlery set and stainless steel Straws.

Zero Waste Travel Kit – SolarOcta Sustainability Kit 1

Solarocta zero waste kit 01

Daily used zero waste product offering for India by SolarOcta

Why are we introducing this product?
We are introducing this on 29th May 2019 as our product to mark our celebration as an officially recognized  Vendor for United Nation Sustainability Development Goals 2030 and want this to be Readily available across India under our brand name by 5th June 2019 to mark “World Environment Day” and show the commitment by our sustainable Brand working on Sustainability development products and services. 

Issues like Waste management are easy to implement in small steps and When you think about it, we really do not need plastic straws or plastic spoons and forks when eating out at your favourite restaurant or vendor.

A life without plastic pollution is what we want. It’s the easiest thing to avoid, yet it’s the 2nd most found ocean trash in 2019.
Our Team Lost it when We heard about Plastic Trash being found at the deepest sea Sub Dive in History

at Mariana Trench – Plastic Trash being found at 11  kilometers below the Sea !!


Plastic is a by-product of Fossil Fuel.
And now it Pollutes all habitats known on this planet Earth.

They get stuck in the nostrils of sea turtles, Whales/Dolphins/Orcas are found dead with Plastic filled stomachs and Plastic Decomposes out in the open in Cities where it’s chemicals leach into the soil in which our food is grown and this leachate enters our groundwater supplies too!

But on the other hand, how can I drink my tender coconut or juice while moving without it spilling on me?

How do I Drink thick Chocolate Crusher shake without a straw?

Straws are convenient. No doubts about that.


but straws are killing our ecosystem and endangering life on our one Planet Earth.

Our founder team was searching for affordable alternatives and came across various issues hurdles in India and from there on Our Engineering R&D  DNA and sustainability Philosophy Lead to this Product Market Fit and now SolarOcta aims New Production of a Sustainable Products that is bound to make an impact to Indians in Octa Directions.

This Product contains
100% natural bamboo wood Set  comprised of
1 Knife, 1 Spoon, 1 Fork, 1 toothbrush (activated charcoal soft BPA free Nylon bristles)

1 Food Grade Stainless Steel Straw with Cleaning Brush (Nylon bristles)
All these contents come loosely packaged in a String Jute Bag.



We know many of you will say you are using nylon bristles, it is also plastic, We hear you loud and clear.

& we would like to tell you, that we are working on developing Jute/Loffa based bristles for toothbrushes and cleaning products under R&D and market validation.


PS – 100% Sustainability is a Myth, doesn’t mean you should not pursue it.

75% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Refuse a plastic straw or order your drink without a straw next time you go out.


Hope to Dispatch your orders ASAP in order for you to Celebrate a First for Environment Day 2019


  • Team SolarOcta
  • DM WhatsApp at +91-8851067914


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 8 cm


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5 things in one Jute Bag!

Food grade Bamboo Cutlery

1 fork - 18.5cm/7.3inches

1 spoon - 19cm/7.5inches

1 knife - 19cm/7.5inches

1 Toothbrush -charcoal activated bristles - 17.5cm/6.9inches

1 Stainless Steel Straw - 21.5cm/8.5inches/0.5mm inner diameter

This is our First Sustainability Starter Kit for Indian Consumers.

Reduce/Refuse/recycle/Reuse !

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