These are some of the Pictures from our Solar Rooftop Plant projects completed on Residential and Commercial Industry rooftops , ranging between 3 KWp to 180 KWp .
Elevated Solar Canopy designs are our forte and We optimize these structures within your budget and Future constructions into accounting .
We are Further Developing our existing Clients Projects into Green Sustainable Rooftops by Integrating Rooftop Rain Water harvesting systems , Rooftop agriculture with soil mediums and soil less mediums – serving hydroponics , vertical gardens , coir based plantation mediums .
BioGas Digestor plants are setup for anaerobic breakdown of Kitchen waste to produce Clean Methane BioGas with Liquid Fertilizer as By product , which is used back to provide nutrients & works as a fertilizer for the Rooftop Garden .

Combining Solar Power + food Growth + Water Harvesting + Gas Generation at the site of consumption , Reduces Carbon Footprints and Helps in Our Sustainability Development Mission ,
For Green Buildings In India , Starting With Green Sustainable Rooftops .

Save Money With Solar
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Save Money With Solar

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