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Here We post about SUN – The brightest Star , keeping our solar system held together like a glue with it’s mighty forces .
We can Harness this Force , the Force of LIGHT ENERGY !
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From SAND to Solar Panel

How are Solar Panels made ? Steps & Production assembly.

How are solar panels made ? SOLAR PANEL BRIEF HISTORY AND OVERVIEW Solar power technology is not a recent development; in fact, it dates back to the mid-1800s to the industrial revolution when solar energy plants were developed to heat water that created steam to drive machinery. Continue reading below for a brief solar panel history. Solar Industry Supply chain starts from SAND. SolarOcta info graphic makes it easy to understand how solar panels are made. Solar panel history In 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect which explains how electricity can be generated from sunlight. He claimed that “shining light on an electrode submerged in a [...]


Solar Subsidy in Delhi- Grid connected rooftop Solar power plant 2019

SolarOcta is now Empanelled vendor for Delhi government in 1 to 10 KWP grid connected rooftop Solar Power Plant Installation. We provide upfront subsidy and GBI benefits to residential and institutional consumers.

Solar Net Metering Principle

Solar Rooftop Net Metering : Benefits ?

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaics – Net Metering System: Energy Security & Freedom. How Solar PV on Rooftop Gets the term Grid-Tie & Net Metering Connection.   Today, Many People are adopting the concepts of a green,clean and sustainable lifestyle by moving closer to Alternate & Clean Sources of Energy like Solar Power, Wind, Bio Gas etc…. All this while still drawing power from Utility Supply aka Traditional Utility Power Grid, which is still running on Conventional Power Generation Methods namely Coal-based power plants, Hydropower plants utilizing Dams. Connected to these Grid Supplies Utility Metering is done to keep track of the energy consumption by the [...]


How SolarOcta 3D Solar Design Simulation Philosophy Works ?

SolarOcta 3D Simulation– Rooftop Solar Design Philosophy! Designing a Good Solar PV power plant is the most important part of Installation. This is a 3D simulation video of a 7KWp installed capacity Solar PV plant Setup using Elevated Structure SolarOcta Canopy Design at a Commercial location in New Delhi by SolarOcta. This Project had a huge 12-meter high wall on 150-degree azimuth which was hindering our client from opting for Solar Plant on his roof, with our design expertise, we overcame this obstacle of large shadow on the rooftop and completed the project successfully on time. This is a 3D simulation video [...]

Freedom from Electricity

Free Solar Site Survey = Freedom from Electricity bills !

Free Solar Site Survey by SolarOcta – August 2018 only!  Our Freedom Month Offer for – India’s 72nd Independence day 2018. Get independent in terms of electricity by opting for Rooftop Solar Power Plant. We want everyone to become Self Sustainable. Now you can By opting for a Rooftop Solar Power plant, You can buy your Freedom from Electricity Utility Power companies which charge you hefty bills, lossy connections & are Burning Fossil Fuels such as Coal, Oil & Gas which pollute the Air while producing electricity in Far away Power plants, losing 40% in Transmission lines. The Further a power plant is from the [...]


Solar Power FAQ by SolarOcta !

Govt. PoliciesaDELHI Solar PolicySolar Policy for Delhi PDF  . aUttar Pradesh Solar PolicyUttar Pradesh Solar Policy . PDF UP rooftop solar policy 2016 PDF aRajasthan Solar PolicyRajasthan Solar Policy / Regulation – 2015 aAssam Solar PolicyAssam Solar Policy Regulation 2015 – 2018 – PDF Download aHaryana Solar PolicyHaryana Solar Policy pdf. aAndhra Pradesh Solar Policy 2015Andhra Pradesh Solar Policy 2015 -PDF- Download    aBihar Solar Policy & Net-metering Regulations 2015Bihar solar policy -Net-Metering-Regulation-Grid-Interactive-Solar-PV-Systems-Regulations-2015 PDF download  aChhatisgarh Solar PolicyChhatisgarh Solar Policy 2012-2017 PDF download Solar Power FAQaWhat is Solar Energy? The sun is source of infinite energy and the energy produced by sun is called Solar Energy. The amount of solar energy reaching the [...]


What is the cost of 1 kWh solar system in India?

10 KWp SolarOcta Solar power plant , setup at an institutional premises. Cost of 1 Kw solar power plant in India ranges in cost from ₹50,000 to ₹120,000 depending on components used. To Explain Further, In simple terms, it’s like buying a bike, you can get a hero cd dawn which costs 39k or you can buy a high class premium bike like royal enfield classic which costs ₹ 1.45 lakh. it all comes down to functionality of the SPV system. components can be divided as economy brands & premium brands. economy brands comprising of manufacturers of panels & inverters, companies which are less than 5 yrs old (Indian & international make) & premium [...]


Working Principle of Solar Panels ? Solar PV ?

With Developing Renewable Energy sources , The most Famous one is a Solar PV panel, Also referred as Solar Plate. What is a Solar PV cell and How Does it Work ? It involves Some Neat Physics , Chemistry and Mathematical Trick . Let’s Learn how !   Conversion of light energy in electrical energy is based on a phenomenon called photovoltaic effect. Thus the name – Solar PV – PV means Photo Voltaics ! When semiconductor materials are exposed to light, the some of the photons of light ray are absorbed by the semiconductor crystal which causes significant number of free electrons in the crystal. This is the [...]

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