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Utilize your Rooftop for
  • Solar power.
  • Food plantation.
  • Water harvesting.
  • Air purification.
  • Stargazing.
  • Partying.

SolarOcta, “SOLAR EVERYWHERE” was just a normal energy crisis/conventional vs non-conventional (renewable energy) debate while studying Electrical & electronics engineering, with this a keen interest in  Sustainable living, zero carbon footprints.

Which was interjected with – “What can we do about it ?” From DIY to R&D- a journey to produce innovative utility based products which are feasible for masses, offering our first “market product” made out of a final year college project – SolarLED string lights for Decoration – SolarOcta Solar LED waterproof string lights .

Which we manufactured/marketed through online and offline models, creating a B2C & B2B distribution chain.

This gave us insights to Indian market potential.

With this basic philosophy of innovation and out of the box thinking,

We launched with SolarOcta Energy Services LLP to cater to the need of bringing high quality & innovation to Solar Utility sector in India with state of the art design & customised engineering solutions that are tailored to clients Requirements & budgets.

With our resources in technical & financial expertise. We promise to Deliver The Best in class. We bring forward a new segment to Indian Renewable Power 2022 goals.

SolarOcta works towards developing sustainability based products which are developed for INDIA & “MADE IN INDIA .

We offer our services for domestic and commercial setups in renewable energy sector.

We help our clients achieve their targeted goals in the most efficient and cost effective way with quick delivery of projects.

Our company focuses on developing latest innovative products utilising solar energy which is abundant and Free resource in our country like INDIA.

Given Indian geographical positioning in South-East Asia, it gives an advantage over rest of the countries as it receives more than 300 days of bright sunlight throughout the country and winters not being as harsh. Solar Energy is a boon for Our country.

Our passionate team of  Sustainability enthusiast’s brings forward products and utility services which are born out of necessity of Indian consumers.

We believe in enabling and making India a Surplus power nation, along with this we are contributing to MAKE IN INDIA & GREEN INDIA.

Making this planet a cleaner, greener and Sustainable place with our actions in Urban rooftop integration of –

  • Solar rooftop power plants -SPV plants
  • Urban Rooftop farming
  • Rooftop bio-gas generator
  • Rooftop rainwater harvesting

We make Sustainable systems common to you.

We provide complete Solar Energy Power Solutions to all kind of organization in field of Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Hospital, Residential, Agricultural, etc.

We follow best practices across all areas processes, products, technology and Environment Health Safety standards.

No project is too big or too small for us, once you decide to opt for the SolarOcta systems.

Expert Engineering, best procurement and timely project execution are our focus areas.

It begins with a call from customers for site audit.

We look at the area available for solar panels, assess your energy requirement and arrive at the most appropriate solar power system.

Next comes the situation specific installation with space management (rooftops, car parks, raised sheds, building facades etc.) and identification of the best available system components.

Ultimately, we design the complete service package of best Sustainable system for customers, that includes our quick Engineering, Procurement Commissioning and management, Remote Monitoring Facility & Staff Training and most importantly Operations & Maintenance throughout the project life cycle.

We are India’s First Sustainable Urban Rooftop Integrator combining power/food/water/gas generation at site of consumption, with our SolarOcta Canopy !

With Experience of rooftop projects in rural & urban area, we follow global best practices across all areas of processes, products & technology.

Our solar energy system is one of the best in industries practices.

We at SolarOcta are strict to maintain superior quality & performance of all our products/services/systems by using high quality raw materials, processed by skilled technicians and adopting several in-house tests before installation & commissioning of any of our Products and Services.

Nature gives us lots of resources, Sun is one of them, we are integrated service provider bringing high quality renewable Solar energy solutions to both rural and urban India.

We are based in Delhi & Gurugram, financial and industrial hub of North India.

We bring you the best of globally practiced Clean energy technology, products and solutions, with proven customer satisfaction.

We are India’s 1st Solar Rooftop Sustainable Systems Integrator.

Our engineering cell brings unmatched expertise during the development phase of any  project. We convert your Roof area with Our Customised Canopy Structures, which are aesthetically pleasing, providing a great utility purpose linked to green building design.

Power + Food + Water + Biogas, in a single rooftop. All this while still leaving you ample accessible area for stargazing and partying under the Solar Canopy on your GREEN SUSTAINABLE ROOFTOP.

For the implementation we leverage our industry linkage to procure the best fit products available. Our experience enables us to provide unique solutions with unmatched cost efficiencies and turnaround times.


SolarOcta Energy provides services for Installation of Solar Panels at large commercial establishments and Residential Solar Panel Installation Services.

We provide these services to the clients at cost-effective prices within promised time frame.

With the help of our excellent industrial experience, we are catering to the wide requirements of our clients by SUSTAINABLE ROOFTOP INTEGRATION.

Our service is executed by our solar panel experts who are thoroughly trained in their specific domain.

As pioneer company, we have developed progressive solar panel installation service to cater to individualistic client needs. This offered service is rendered in compliance to the industry set quality parameters to guarantee that every requirement of client is fulfilled. Furthermore, to achieve optimum client satisfaction, the offered service is executed in the assured time.

We work with the mission to Design & provide effective, efficient, simple and low maintenance systems for our esteemed clients. We try to bring them closer to Sustainable Green building Design philosophy practiced into their rooftops, enabling them to meet their everyday independent needs for Energy, Food, Gas.

SolarOcta with its domestic and commercial Solar powered utility based products & Services works on vision to expand from India to OCTA directions by 2020.

SolarOcta products & services will bring in a new perception for the huge fire ball called ‘SUN’ powering and keeping whole “solar system” together and enlighten millennial about shifting to sustainable lifestyle which will make our future cleaner & greener.

Our Vision is to extend the maximum solar yield, highest reduction in carbon footprints and fastest returns to the clients for their investments in sustainable clean technologies.

Your decision to invest in Solar Energy is the first step towards a lucrative investment for more than 25 years.

Everyone Wishes to Utilize the Rooftop Efficiently by Integrating SPV, while still being able to access your Rooftop for leisure activities. Our SolarOcta Canopy is modular and fits perfectly on any rooftop without hindering the floorspace & would be perfect for your needs.

We aim to bring in customized solutions for your landmarks, with focus in Solar Photovoltaics power plants. We provide various options to integrate hydroponics/aquaponics/soil based farming solutions to your rooftop, alongside Rain Water Harvesting.

We do all this also accounting for kitchen waste; managing it to produce clean Bio-gas methane fuel for cooking/heating or power generation using diesel gen-set conversion.

We wish to take everyone aboard the Clean energy and Sustainable Future.

Since, the industry is at a nascent stage, most project management companies thrive on their EPC experience rather than their experience in design engineering. With our Expertise in Design Engineering and R&D, we guide you to make this financial decision.

We provide you a flawless engineering solution that minimizes losses, improves efficacy and maximizes yield.

We make sure that you reap the most out of your Rooftop in terms of utility &  investment.

Our engineers specify every element of your solar generation system from PV Modules and inverters to nuts and bolts.

We use state-of-the-art software and sophisticated processes to analyze meteorological conditions like weather patterns, local climates, shading, and pollutants that can affect your installation’s energy production.

Our Engineers have been trained by MNRE and Green Skill council of India .

Our intelligent Solar Design means: Sound Concept & Technology ,Our designs deliver the lowest lifetime cost of production and highest yield.

Businesses are like Energy – if you don’t put in the work, it stops generating returns.

Today, Solar Power not only holds the promise of a fresh, abundant and clean source of energy, it also offers an extremely lucrative and safe investment/business opportunity. To make up for the current energy deficit and future demand, numerous initiatives are being undertaken to promote deployment of Renewable Energy projects across the country.

The government has set huge targets for Renewable power capacity addition in the near future and is supporting the cause of Paris Accord, with attractive financial and taxation benefits.

Therefore, if you are an investor, this is the perfect time and opportunity to add Clean Sustainable Technologies to your Portfolio.

Write to us at: invest@solarocta.com


SolarOcta Energy Services LLP .
Industrial: Commercial: Institutional: Hospital: Residential : MSME businesses.

We let our existing projects and construction quality speak for itself. Given our local presence, we take quality and project performance very seriously. We believe that our work is Unique and better than anyone else in the Solar Rooftop business ,

We are in the Sustainable urban Rooftop integration business .

Design & Engineering

We believe in imagination & creativity , using state of the art Softwares and hands on learnings, We produce unique solutions , services and products.


We cater to various sectors , concept of mass production energizes us with joy and ideas to empower the MSME sector by Make in India.

Customer support

Our existing customers are a priority ,and a part of our Sustainable lifestyle family , we are always available to help.


Integration /Installation

Combining different Renewables & resource management Technologies to fulfill our End goal for Reduction of Carbon Footprints of landmarks , We provide high quality Installation Services.

Research & Development

Our Foundations are in R&D , and  born out of Indian Consumers Necessity.


We believe a good product markets itself , thus we only provide products which pass our high standards and benchmarks .


Our Innovative , affordable & hassle free Products for domestic & commercial sectors , we deliver quality and experience .


Our professional and personal relationships with businesses propel us, to deliver value to our clients and help shape a clean & green Future .
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Our Purpose & motivation

  • Sun light is a clean and unlimited fuel unlike coal and oil where the ecology is destroyed to extract it.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint in the most economical way
  • Each 1KWp SPV -SolarOcta* installed  displaces 20 Tonnes of CO2 per year or is equivalent to planting 115 fully grown trees every year.
  • Consuming energy that is generated on our roof saves 40% of energy that is lost in distribution.
  • Growing your own Food Organically using Hydroponics Saves Water , saves Transportation emissions & is cheaper and healthier than buying !
  • Rain Water harvesting in peak monsoon season could provide on average upto 5000 Liters of Drinking Water from a 20 sqM roof area.
  • Kitchen Waste Reused and Recycled using Bio Gas Generation proves to be the best method for Clean Fuel and high quality Compost fertilizer.
Climate Change & Global Warming
Clean Drinking Water
Food Security
3R's - Reduce , Reuse , Recycle

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