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Karnataka Solar Price 2019 for 1-10 kW Grid connected Rooftop ₹4.15/kWh

Karnataka solar price 2019

A good New for Karnataka State Residents, this new Tariff rate is set to promote more adopters of grid-connected – net metered Rooftop Solar power Plants – SolarOcta projects growth for Adopting with the new Tariff and new MNRE benchmark costs for 2019.

A piece of good news to help new adoption of Solar rooftop plant in Karnataka, India

According to Our Team, this is a great move to help roof owners and consumers to easily take a decision about opting a Solar Photovoltaic power plant system.

If implemented strategically it will generate enough electricity in the state to meet and stabilize the daylight peak electricity demand and reduce the stress of running costs for thermal power plants which take hours to meet equilibrium of peak load at night after a sunny day in the state, due to lower demand from solar rooftop consumers at daytime peak loads.

This move it found to benefit not only the Small 1-10 KWp installed capacity Rooftop Solar PV power plant owners but also the DISCOM’s in the state, as due to low demand from the city distribution networks during the daylight hours will help in reducing the burden of logistics in Fuel and plant Capacity Utilization ratio along with cost savings for GENCO’s, TRANSCO’s & DISCOM’s .

If you look at the futuristic aspect of it, this move is kind of a baby step towards some sort of SMART GRID foundation in the state of KARNATAKA, as they try to Put consumers and Companies in a Harmonious Symbiotic Relation while enabling a strong reliable grid operation through promotion of Small Solar PV plant size of 1-10 KWp for rooftop owners.

This competitive pricing of  ₹4.15/kWh from solar PV plants under net-metering is news of rejoicing to Solar Rooftop Power plant owners/ future owners under CAPEX models to opt for higher installed capacity w.r.t sanctioned loads for net metering.

The state is blessed with high Solar Irradiance daylight hours and the temperatures are moderate for meeting daytime consumer loads solely by Solar power generated at the site of consumer consumption.

We hope to see a spike in small rooftop Solar power plant installation amongst Residential, Institutional and Public sectors in Karnataka. 

You can read the whole news update on State Department KERC – Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission or on a News page from MERCOM India Website.

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