What We Do

“Utilize Your Roof area for Much more than a Solar Power Plant“

Sustainable Products and Services

SolarOcta –
1st Sustainable Rooftop Developer  ! 

We are the First Sustainable System Integrators Serving Domestic & Commercial markets.

Practice Green Building Design Philosophy , Starting with your Roof space ,
Installation of a Solar Rooftop Canopy
because Harnessing The Power of SUN is Now Easier than Ever .
Green Rooftops are Probably the Best Way to Make this Planet Cleaner & Greener ,
as a result Reduce Your Carbon Footprints , Furthermore Reduce Your Bills ,
While enjoying Sustainable lifestyle in Urban City environment.
We Integrate Sustainability Development into your life with Our Innovation in  –

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    Solar rooftop power plants -SPV & Solar Thermal.

  • bio gas

    Rooftop bio-gas generator (kitchen waste).

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    Rooftop Gardening / Farming ( soil/ soiless mediums).

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    Rooftop rain water harvesting

Making this planet a cleaner, greener and Sustainable place with our actions in Urban rooftop integration with -
Solar rooftop Canopy combining Power + Food + Water + Gas .

Our Services

Why choose us

We make Sustainable Rooftop Canopy systems common to you.
Providing wide range of solutions in setting up Green rooftop Projects for Residential & Commercial Industry  Clients.
Our engineering cell brings unmatched expertise in Design & Engineering of  Solar Rooftop Canopy .
For the implementation we leverage our industry linkage to procure the best fit products available.
Our experience enables us to provide quick solutions with unmatched cost and turnaround times.

We provide complete Solar Energy Power Solutions to all kind of organization in fields of Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Hospital, Residential, Agricultural etc..also following global best practices across all areas, process, products, technology, and Environment Health Safety standards.

We customize our designs to meet the specific demands of your site.The solution defines all aspects of design including technology, structural support, mechanical and electrical elements maximizing on Quality &  Reliability . Our designs meet set of quality parameters and undergo rigorous reviews to ensure a finely crafted technical solution that stands the test of time.

We believe in long term relationships with our customers , thus we provide a wide selection of feasible Technologies optimized to meet your needs , with our promise of Early Return of investments (ROI) .

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Save Money With Solar